Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Typhoid Story

As you know we were afflicted with a nasty virus last week in the O. household. By last Friday I started with the headache and then in the middle of the night the vomiting started. Ewww. So it was that E. and I spent all Saturday and Sunday in bed with unpleasant symptoms. Green vomiting, throbbing head, dizziness, etc...

By Monday morning I could actually get out of bed and made it to the doctor. She had me go for a blood test and urine test (that took a while since I was dehydrated and I nurse AND I spilled the first vial down the toilet.)

Finally, I was back in the doctor's office with the reports.

Dr.: Ohhh! (dramatic pause) You have Typhoid. And it's + 2!

Me: Well, I do feel really bad.

Dr.: And Hepatitis. +1!

Me.: Huh.

Dr.: Oh, this is strange, do you have any Diabetes in your family?

Well, three was enough for me. I got admitted for three days and after subsequent blood tests was cleared of the Diabetes (I hadn't eaten for many days) and the Hepatitis was just "on the way", not fully developed.

I had constant IV drips of meds in my hand for 3 days, it was painful and uncomfortable and my hand is still quite swollen, but at least, somewhat useful again.

I am on bed rest and meds at home and go back for a check up on Tuesday. I feel pretty weak and still kind of headachy. I think I got the same virus as everyone else and that wore down my immunities so that the Typhoid could jump on and have its evil way with me. It was just waiting in the wings somewhere in my body for a chance to attack. Kind of like in a horror movie.(This is my medical opinion. Loads of people have had this virus and I'm the only one with Typhoid.)

Thanks to all who prayed and wrote. Keep praying.


Anonymous said...

I should have been there to brush and braid your greasy hair just like you did for me all those years ago :) Love you, Beck! dana

Elena said...

Just curious as a nursing mom, how did you manage to feed the baby while you were sick (and everyone else was)? What about when you were in the hospital?

Dawn Hoke(Mailahn) said...

So glad to hear that you are okay! I'm curious about the nursing question too - how did you do it?
Moms are not supposed to get sick!

Rebecca O said...

Dana, I totally told the hair story to my niece while i was in the hospital. She had to do my hair b/c my hand wasn't working due to the nasty IV (my hand still hurts.)

For nursing answers see new post.