Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How The Safari Works

The picture was taken while sitting in our open safari jeep. If you look at the left side of the picture (between Em's right ear and the metal rim of the back of the jeep) you can see the tiger lounging there.
Beautiful, see how close the people in the other jeep were!
Finally drinking water.
Mother and her 2 cubs.
We were in a jeep like the ones in this picture.

It was HOT in June when we went but it was the VERY end of the safari season til October because they close for the rainy season. (July to Sept) We were there at low season (thankfully) but because we were at the very end of the dry season the watering holes in the park had shrunk down to only 3 small ones. Hence, finding even 1 of the 36 tigers in a 500 acre sanctuary became oh, so much easier.
We saw 4 our first morning - Up Close! There was only one long distance sighting in the evening.

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