Saturday, February 27, 2010

P.'s First

P.'s first birthday is Monday but we arranged the party tonight since we'll be away on Monday.

We're expected 350 people. Arg. I left most of the arrangements to O.

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Heart Can't Take Much More

Another one of our co-workers was in an accident last night.

I was on the way to a house warming program with the kids and I got a phone call that our church pastor - Anoop - was in a motorcycle accident. I yelled at everybody to settle down, we were going to the hospital. Two minutes later Anoop called me, to my great relief he wasn't dead - you never get any info on the first phone call, and I found out he and his wife and two sons were all OK but that their youngest son (Prince, he's 4) was hurt the most.

We rushed to the hospital and I went into the emergency room and saw Anoop, his wife and their older son all standing there looking fine, then I turned to the table and there was Prince all wrapped up like a mummy. Then the doctor shooed me out of the room.

OK, Prince wasn't quite a mummy but he had a huge bandage wrapped around his head, and around other body parts. (I considered taking a picture for the blog but I felt kind of creepy asking for it so I didn't it.) He'll be alright, his face is pretty swollen but he only cries when his parents don't let him get up and play with the kids - I think that's a good sign.

The rest of the family has bumps and bruises and scrapes and sore body parts but everyone is alive and well, thank the Lord.

They were hit from behind by an eighth grade boy speeding down the road out of control, he happened to be a student in our school. He was barely injured.

This is the 3rd accident involving our co-workers this month. Previously we averaged about one per year. Please pray, it's obvious Satan is attacking. It's also obvious that God is miraculously protecting his people.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Karuna Kids Baptized

On Tuesday over 30 people were baptized on the roof of our house. Many of them came from another city to be baptized here because they didn't know where else they could do it. Baptism is illegal in our state.

We also had some believers from our church baptized that day as well. And, at the very end, two of our Karuna children were obedient to the Lord and were baptized.

Here is Pooja at her baptism on Tuesday. I was privileged to lead her to the Lord when she was a small child about six years ago.

Joshua, Pooja's brother.

A Big Splash

After the baptisms on Tuesday it was a freeforall. Lot's of splashing and swimming and having fun. Gotta jump in while the tank is full.

Weird that our architect designed our house with a recessed area on the roof. Great for a swimming pool and baptismal tank tho...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

When A Four Year Old Takes Possession Of Your Camera

You should have seen his self portrait - boogers an' all.
I have five (yes, 5) pictures of this man's butt. (red shirt)

Singing Competition For Students

On Tuesday night we had a singing competition for our Bible students. Twenty boys and girls participated and I was really hoping to find a diamond in the rough. Sadly, all I got was a headache. Hum.

Michael, pictured below, came in first place.

What as transpiring here, I have no idea, the camera was in my nephew's hand. Interesting photo though.
G. suffered from serious diaper malfunction most of the evening, until I finally whipped the dang thing out. P. was content to eat a tambourine rather than sing.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Pictures From Last Week In Rajasthan

Pastor Surjit, looking much better when we were there last weekend. He's back out there in the missionfield doin' the work. His hand still needs healing.
Laxmi, O.'s sister. The cast is off her leg and she's walking fine.
Ramesh, feet also healed.
Praise the Lord those who were beaten are doing well.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A Scare

When I left for Rajasthan on Thursday another family went with us to visit their loved ones there in the same village. It was our accountant, Limba, and his wife and baby. They stayed only one night and left by bus on Friday night to travel back home while we stayed on in the village.

At 7:30AM on Saturday morning O. and I were awakened by shouts from our niece and our daughter coming into the room and telling us they had just gotten a phone call that Limba and his family were in an accident.

I called home right away and found out that they ad gotten off the bus in our city and were taking an auto rickshaw home and while going on the road another vehicle (a van) came and crashed into the back of them. The little auto rickshaw went flying down the road and enventually tumbled over a few times.

Limba banged his head but was not injured, the baby was totally fine, but Limba's wife, Rajni, was hurt badly in her back. Thank the Lord, they were spared worse than that. Rajni was walking and talking but in a lot of pain. She is also 3 months pregnant and they did an ultrasound and the baby is fine. The main issue is the back pain and since she is pregnant, no x-ray.

Pray for her, she's resting and hopefully, healing.

It was a big scare, but those who were here to see the result of the accident praised God - by the condition of the auto rickshaw it was hard to believe that anyone could walk out of it alive.

P.S. - the driver of the van ran away from the scene. The scoundrel. (The man pictured above is
not him.)

A Short And Busy Month

It's February. Just 2 or 3 days shorter than every other month, but for some reason it always feels crunched to me.

O. came home from Rajasthan this morning and told me someone invited us to a house opening on the 14th so we'd have to leave on the 13th (it's about 8 hours away). We have a bunch of guests coming on the 17th and 18th and our choir is invited to lead worship in a church in Rajasthan on the 23rd and 24th. As far as I know neither one of us are going for that.

I have two ladies coming on the 25th and staying in to the first few days of March. P.'s first birthday is March 1st and we'll be in Rajasthan so we'll be celebrating that on February 27th (most likely.)

This week - Ha! we didn't even go there yet, is full of Bible College activities. A big one, the picnic, is on Thursday.

Lot's of fun this month - it's gonna zip on by...

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Now I'm Going To Rajasthan

It's my turn to head to Rajasthan with all the kids tomorrow. We'll be there through Sunday night.