Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Poor Goat

What you cannot see in this photo is a goat being stripped of it's skin behind the man preaching. I'm sure if I lightened it this picture would make a lot more sense.
Funny things happened in Rajasthan.
1. Before this meeting Suresh, our mission director, was asked to pray for a goat. He assumed* the goat was sick. He prayed a good 5 minutes for that goat's healing; he bound satanic spirits, he cast off curses. I, however, knew that we were having goat for dinner after the meeting, which Suresh did not. Poor goat was just getting prayed for because he was about to be slaughtered for our dinner. Suresh had a good laugh afterwards - me too.

The funnier thing was, the lady next to me leaned over while the goat was being slaughtered in front of us - right behind the man preaching and said, "We just prayed for that goat and now they've killed it!"

I told Suresh that at least the goat was healed and delivered before he breathed his last.

*We all know what assume spells: ass u me

In The Mood To Learn

I seem to be learning all kinds of things this year.

1. How to manage a shop. This includes all the financial aspects as well as purchasing. Where do you get all your stock from and where is it cheapest. - I'm learning.

2. Hindi. After all these years (almost ten) I'm actually in the mood to go for formal Hindi training for the first time. Wow.

3. I told my driver today that I want to learn how to drive. I mean I already know how to drive I just don't know how to drive stick. So, when I get some free time, he's gonna teach me. I cannot wait to see everyone's face the day I drive. Shhhh, it's a big secret.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sunny's Wedding

One of our Bible Students got married last week. His family is Hindu and forced him into it, but at least they relented at the end and he married a Christian girl - which was an answer to prayer, let me tell you.

We had to walk 7 Kms through the mountains to get there. 7 Kms in, 7 Kms out.

The terrain.

Sunny. He had to hold that hanky to his mouth the whole time. Nobody knows why, they just always have. He has a sword in his other hand, it has hankies tied all around it, I don't know the significance of that either, but everybody does it.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Mountains Of Laundry

We're back from Rajasthan, but I'm clawing my way out from behind the laundry. Only the pink loads are left. Thank Goodness.

Lots to blog, lots to show. I'll start tomorrow.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


We're all heading out tomorrow after church for Pastor ordinations in Rajasthan on the 21st. We also have meetings in different villages and finish up our tour with a wedding on the 23rd. I should be back home by late on the 24th.

Pray for us over the next few days and pray for the meetings we have scheduled - as well as traveling - we have a lot of that ahead of us.

Please also keep our regular ongoing work in prayer - school, shop, etc. - since we won't be around for a few days. Thanks.

Opening Day

Pictures from Eve Trader's Opening Day!
E. took this picture. It's the stock behind our counter.
This picture is so HORRIBLE I just had to post it, plus it breaks up the monotonous boringness of the other two pictures I posted. I have no idea what I am telling that man about the pens he's holding but he bought them. (See money in my other hand.)
Before the ribbon cutting.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Big Day

Eve Traders officially opens today at 3PM. We'll start with praise and worship and prayer and then cut the ribbon. I was there most of yesterday stocking. It was a blast. I'm exhausted but I am remembering how much I love retail. I do. I love retail. All those years working at Barnes and Nobles DID have a purpose.

We also have some kind of Remembrance Prayer between 11Am-12noon today for Hindu friends. The man's father died some time back and he is holding a large program to remember him and he has specifically called O. to come and pray, which is a huge step in our ministering to them, so we can't really miss it. (major runon, but I'm leaving it.) It would be nice if these two things fell on different days...

I asked my sister-in-law and niece to watch the girls today and make lunch, so at least I'm free.

Just on a side note since I read Jamie's comments on another post: The purpose of the Stationary Store is to support the ministry and God's ministers here in India.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Eve Traders Opens

Tomorrow. Thursday, May 15th.

Our little stationary store is set to open up tomorrow and we already have parents stopping by to get their children's school textbooks. I think it's gonna be bonkers for a couple days. But bonkers is good!

Pray for us.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Thoughts On The Spiritual Life Of Goa

The Indian state of Goa was a Portuguese colony for about 400 years. The Roman Catholic influence of those 400 years of colonization is seen everywhere. Large ancient churches, small quaint chapels, "Christian" names on everything from people, to stores, to bars and restaurants*.

However, as far as zeal for Christ goes, the state is pretty much dead. Over the week that we were there we rarely passed a Hindu temple where some program or worship wasn't going on, whereas the numerous churches and chapels were closed and silent and shut up with big padlocks. Sad.

We even talked about what it would take to bring some of the light of Christ to Goa. One of the main drawbacks we were told is that the state has become so commercial and such a tourist center and vacation spot that even renting a small thatched roof huts to hold a church service is too expensive.

Ii suggested that there were loads of church buildings and chapels already built, literally on every corner - Not being used. Talk to whomever is in charge and at least they would be used for the Lord. That idea was shot down with a big - not ever gonna happen. Apparently the Catholics and Protestants do not work together in Goa.

On a brighter note, we had a lovely time on the train trip from Goa to Bombay and there were very nice people in our area of the train. One woman was a Christian (she had her Bible with her) and I observed her during the long train ride. At the end of our trip we had a chance to talk and she was a Goan Roman Catholic living in Bombay and she was obviously filled with the Holy Spirit and zeal for the Lord.

*for example: "St. Anthony's Bar."


My E. is never ever sick.

Except when we travel. On those rare occasions when she does become sick, it generally starts with vomiting and diarrhea the morning we are scheduled to leave.

And as it was, after a week of eating every meal out, E. got the "throw-ups" and diarrhea the morning we were leaving Goa.

After throwing up numerous times E. and I had this conversation.

E: "I'm sick because you fed me those Sleems last night."

Me: "Sleems."

E: "Yeah, Sleems."

Me: "Sleems... Sleems... You mean Shrimp*?"

E: "Uh, yeah."

*We call them "Prawns" over here. And we ate lots and lots of them in Goa. G. even loved 'em and could chow down several fried sleems at one sitting. This was amazing to us since she only has 8 teeth. However, after two days of being bitten numerous times by my 14 month old, we discovered she has 2 new molars. This explained the three mysteries of vacation -1. Fantastic Sleem eating by Baby G. 2. G.'s vampirish tendencies on Saturday and Sunday 3. G.'s red raw bottom and miserable disposition during the middle of our vacation.

Update on E.: By God's grace she was fine by the time we got on the train Sunday morning and hasn't thrown up since. We're just continuing to avoid the sleems.

Home Again

We arrived back home at 5:45AM this morning. Our laptop caught a virus and was out of commision so I couldn't post anymore from Goa, altho I wanted to. I have more Goan thoughts and I'll get to them over the next few days.

For now, we're home, and there's washing to do.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Goa Girls

Dolphin Sighting

We left from here yesterday morning to go look for dolphins.
We saw some.
At least some of us saw the dolphins. Others of us - slept.


I knew after I put up that last post I'd be able to start loading pictures.

Us. Last Night at sunset on the beach.
C., Rebecca, O., G., E.


I've been trying since last night to load pix from the vacation but it's not happening for some reason. I'll keep on trying.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Sucker Born Every Minute

O. got a tattoo. A Henna Tattoo.

The guy applying it is using a stick and henna in an old film containor.
It's looks pretty cool and will last a month - so they say. It's a cross. On the other arm is a fancy "R."

Two, he got two.

G. Killed A Sandcastle

It was her first sandcastle ever.

G. took to the beach like she did to the water. She must have gotten some of her mother's blood after all.

What can I say about the beach? It's really sunny here. I need to change the setting on my camera.

This is where we are. Beautiful.
Beach Beauty.

Girls and Papa.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

In Goa

It was an uneventful trip on the train last night and this morning, save for the woman who, although smiley and nice, continuously scolded my children and seemed way too happy that our station had finally arrived.

We are here in our hotel and it is pleasant and we swam all afternoon. G. took to the water like a natural born fish. Her little legs kicked with precision.

On another note, the principal of one of our schools has a house in Goa and he is here for summer vacation and he is lending us his motorcycle for the whole week. Isn't that nice.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Where We Are

We leave tonight for Goa. Our first family vacation since 2005.

We'll have the laptop with us so I think I can blog and email.