Sunday, November 30, 2008

Help From Some Friends

Tonight we asked any of our church believers who wanted to come and help us get our house ready for Wednesday to come at 5PM. Loads of people showed up, almost everybody!

I was just so thankful, most of the plaster got cleaned off my marble. Who would do that? At the end when we prayed and I said thank you to everyone I mentioned that service specifically and what a great testimony it was to all our new neighbors to see this hoard of people - coming with small children in tow- working like servants to clean our house. I'm just thankful for the family of God.

O. At Work And Not

Occasionally even O. gets in the mood to throw some dirt. Or else he supervises.

C. Works...When She Wants To

Since the House Opening is on Wednesday, we're all working. Even C. pitched in to help.

G. With Hair

I had some inquiries about G.'s hair. It's back. She's hard to get a picture of because she needs to be behind the camera.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Mostly that's the attitude of Indians (and me) over this hostage situation and attack. Angry that the politicians in this country cannot even agree enough with each other to be able to travel to Mumbai together. Angry that even after all these bombings, terrorist attacks, etc. there is still no kind of central intelligence in India; state wide police/intelligence don't cooperate with other states, obviously, there is a huge lack of information and proper action.

We've been having like two Major terrorist attacks a month here in India for several months, and still something like this Mumbai situation can occur. It's mind boggling and it surely makes me angry.

Friday, November 28, 2008

No One Ever Listens To Me

Remember the few times I mentioned terrorism in India and how it doesn't make international news?? Yesterday when I connected to the Internet, low and behold, what was the top story on Terrorism attack in India.

I don't want to say I told you so, but I've been trying to tell you. Actually, these terrorists focused on American and British citizens and, as far as I know, now about 40 hours later, a hostage situation is still going on.

The attack is in Mumbai at several locations, one being the Taj Hotel. I've passed it many times, never been inside, too rich for my blood.

However, this is comforting. Yesterday, around noon, a man from our local police station's Foreign Nationals Registration Office came to meet me. They were personally going to all the foreigners in the city. He wrote a document in the local language with all my pertinent details and I signed it. I guess it said, I am alive and well.

Continue to pray for a quick solution to the ongoing hostage situations and against the increasing amount of terrorism occurring in India.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bit That Bullet

The washing machine repairman never did pick up. O. and I bought a new machine tonight.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tired And Somewhat Stressed

I really think the Lord wanted me to rest last week. I did rest, more than I usually do. But I was just soooo tired. I still am. It doesn't matter how much I sleep, I'm tired. I think it might be the medication, the one for the contractions and then 3 after the abscess operation. They all end tonight, thank goodness. Hopefully, I'll feel more energetic tomorrow.

The Grand House opening is in less than 10 days. The house is almost ready. Once we get some of those main doors on there we can move in. Of course, everyone is coming to be paid nowadays, which is starting to really stress me out. Well, mostly I let O. handle that, but it trickles over to me, too.

Something else that is really stressing me out is my broken washing machine and the repairman who tells me he is on his way, every time I call him. I wish he would just declare the machine officially dead so I can focus on attempting to get a new one and move on with my life.

It's 6:35 PM , I'm gonna call him again now (he's stopped answering my calls around 4:00...)

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I was admitted in the hospital for the 2nd time in my life (other than deliveries) yesterday morning. Second time in four days actually, and it wasn't even labor pains.

I had an ABSCESS.

By Tuesday night I was in such terrible pain I knew I had to be the first one to see the doctor on Wednesday morning. It was a good thing that I had just been admitted there because the nurses and all the staff members rushed me right in, (thinking I was in labor - again. I wasn't.)

The doctor took one look at me and said, "Oh, you look sick." She took one look at my sore bottom (yes, that's where it was) and said, "This is a deep abscess, I need to operate on this."

An abscess is a collection of pus. Pus is a thick fluid that usually contains white blood cells, dead tissue and bacteria (germs). The usual cause of an abscess is an infection with bacteria.

Where do abscesses form?
The skin. Most abscesses form just under the skin. A boil is the most common example. In this case, a hair root becomes infected and develops into a small abscess. The skin next to the anus is another common area for an abscess to develop. The symptoms of a skin abscess include: swelling, redness, pain, and warmth over the affected area.

Who gets abscesses? Most skin abscesses occur in people who are otherwise well. There is usually no underlying cause, and no further problems usually occur once it has gone.

Thanks to for this.

So, Once again I was admitted in the hospital. They gave me anesthesia, which I was really happy about (To have the anesthesiologist come and administer the drug cost me $10). I didn't feel a thing. I didn't even know I passed out, I kept waiting for them to start the operation.

I stayed in the hospital for observation - hungry and thirsty - til 9PM when she released me. I'm feeling MUCH better today.

This morning I was thinking about all these physical problems and I was reminded of the following verse: "Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day."

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

E. 's 8th Birthday Party (In Pictures)

E. could not wait to cut (and eat) that cake.
Prayer for E.
E. finally gets to eat the cake.

Testimony Of My E.

Christians in India usually give a testimony when it is their birthday or a special occasion. It's a really nice thing to do for God's glory.

Today my E. is 8 years old. I'm having a small party at home with just family and a couple of friends. No mad kids parties this year.

Things you probably don't know about my E. E. often gives her 20 month old sister a bath, puts her diaper on her and gets her dressed for me. The other night I saw E. carrying 5 year old sleeping C. out of the car, all the way down the street and into the house. She had to stop occasionally, put C. down and readjust her, but she made it all the way. When I am sick, E. brings me food and water. When I am sad, she comforts me. When we go out and people beg money from us, she insists I give. If I give her a coin for the poor she gives it back to me and says, "Mom, you don't give coins, you have to give notes." When she was a teeny tiny little girl I used to have to carry a separate change purse with me on the train because she would want to give to everyone who begged from us - which were a lot.

E. is generous and tender-hearted, she's kind and compassionate. I wouldn't change her for the world.

Labor Pains

I had totally normal pregnancies and deliveries the first 3 times around, what's the deal with number four? I've decided I'm just getting old.

On Saturday I was preparing dinner and started having painful stomach cramping. At first I thought it was dysentery and went to the bathroom 3 times. Not much was happening there.

I didn't think about it and went to the kitchen to start dinner and that's when the severe stomach pains started. No back pain, no pressure, just low, centralized, strong pains.

Phoebe (who lives with me) came home at just this time and I said, watch dinner (it was on the stove) and I went to lay down. The pain kept coming at regular intervals and I thought to myself, "I know this pain, these feel like contractions." I was a little embarrassed but I called O. and said come right home, I need to go to my doctor.

He came after a few moments with his entourage of 4 or 5 other people. Also, our pastor and his wife and 2 children came to visit at the same time, so we, all of us, piled in the car to go to my doctor/hospital.

The whole time I kept thinking."If this is gas pains, I'm going to be really embarrassed." For this reason I was strangely relieved when the Doctor examined me and said,"Oh yes, you're contracting, the baby has come down very low."

I'm Due February 15th and Saturday was November 15th so that means I was exactly 3 months - too early.

The Doctor gave me two painful injections to stop the contracting and admitted me over night for observation. I had to lay in a hospital bed with my feet elevated above my head and no pillow - all night. It was torture. I had/have a horrible head cold and my sinuses were killing me. I didn't sleep a wink. I just wanted to go home.

During the darkness of the night I took my blanket and slipped it under my head but soon after one of the 2 ladies who stayed over night in the hospital with me, said,"Oh no no no." And whipped it out.

The Doctor examined me at 7:30AM on Sunday morning and sent me home for 4 days of bed rest. I go back on Thursday.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Grand House Warming

December 3rd is the Big Day for our House Warming. They do things a little different here in India. We'll actually have a small program and set up some seating and provide food. We're inviting loads of people and all the neighbors in the neighborhoods on all sides. I am guessing about 800 people will come.

We won't be moved in at all at this time, the house will be empty but livable.

The program will go like this: We'll sing a little, have a short message giving Glory to God and then a small testimony (probably me). After that people will walk through the house and eat.

Please keep this date and program in prayer. It is a great time to give praise to Jesus Christ in the midst of those living in darkness and also show His love to our new (and old) neighbors.

We plan to move in right after the 3rd. Praise the Lord.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Railings And A Kitchen

The ongoing theme of House Construction is ... ongoing. Oh, and my camera had some sort of accident and is currently refusing to take nice pictures.

BUT - I have railings. Yay, no longer any fear of falling from the walkway on our 2nd floor!
Second Floor walkway (with railings!)
I also have... drum roll please... Kitchen counter! Wall tiles, Floor tiles!
Even a sink!
All this work is hand done. All stones are cut to size and shaped by hand - at my house.
Here is our outside. Not looking so good. We sent our vehicle to another state to bring back the workers who do the outside; apparently they went for Diwali vacation and have not yet returned...
We are planning our house opening on December 3rd. We'll move in after that. Please keep us and the remaining work in prayer. We still need doors and windows.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Rejoicing And Mourning

As the United States Rejoices, Mourns, or is just caring less today, I cleaned my house. Cleaned means - CLEANED OUT my house. I've heard that women before giving birth have the cleaning "nesting" instinct. Personally, I've never experienced it. I have no "cleaning instinct." God, in His sovereignty while creating me, decided not to give me any of that.

Actually, what I've been doing is pulling out all the boxes, suitcases, etc... that are mostly full of trash, that have been dragged from house to house over the last nine years and stored away. While I was cleaning out O. said to me, "Don't do this now. You are doing your thing, I do mine, let's work together to get something done - like the Christmas donation sheet." (translation- let's do my work.) Later I said to him, "how many times a year do you see me cleaning out the house? Once, twice - maximum." Don't crush the mood, man. Don't crush the mood. The mood is here today and it may not come back for a good 6 months.

Eventually, he joined his hand in some of the decision work. I said, I don't care where the stuff goes I just want it OUT OF MY HOUSE. And I never want to see it again.

I also noticed today that I had only 1 (one) view on my blog. I'm just gonna blame it on the election...

Monday, November 03, 2008


I've been working on making a matrimonial page for my friend, Justy, on for two days. I think I may have just gotten her photo uploaded.
She is an orphan and a widow with an eight year old daughter. She is VERY high maintenance, always has heath issues, and can easily make you crazy in under 60 seconds; the best thing is to find her a husband.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Boy Season

2008 must be a fertile year because tons of people are pregnant.

Our co-worker, Suresh, became the first time father of a little boy on Friday, then my brother, Dan, had a boy (#3) yesterday. My sister-in-law, Martha, is due with her first on the 19th of this month, then me in Feb, then my other sister-in-law in March. Not to mention the other, uhh 6-7 (???) ladies in our church who are pregnant right now...

Anyway, the first two were healthy, non c-section births, and boys. Must be the beginning of "Boy Season..."

Congratulations!!! and Praise the Lord!!!