Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back From Bombay

By the time I got back from Bombay my girls were in the midst of school exams, so there has been lots of studying for things like Math, and English and Social Studies. I send them to someone else to study for Hindi. Not much time for blogging or computer in general.

I was also annoyed for the last few days, I think going away from home does that to me. I was only gone for 1 1/2 days but little things get changed. Our wheat ran out and someone bought the wrong kind to replace it and it was old and yucky. E.'s school uniform shirt turned up missing and I still haven't found it... Little things like that throw off my balance, but other than that the trip was a blessing.

The only negative thing was the feast P. and I gave to the mosquitoes all Tuesday night, they kept us awake. Unpleasant. Getting home tired probably didn't improve my mood.

My talks did go well, I think. I had two sessions with women in the afternoon and then I was the special speaker at a church's 10th anniversary. In addition to speaking, I think I prayed individually for about 150 people. Not Kidding. My favorite prayer request was a lady who came forward with two small, grungy looking children and said (as her prayer request), "They bug me all the time." I said, tell me about it, I've got four!

All in all, a good time. I did get a call from the pastor's wife last night saying that her husband had been suffering for three days with chest pain due to high BP and to please pray. His name is Dennis.

O. Back In Rajasthan

O. left for Rajasthan yesterday and will stay there until I arrive with our girls on Thursday of this week. We've been wanting to visit the family who was injured but school and Bible College exams are going on. We'll leave after the last exam on Thursday and stay until Sunday.

There are elections in Rajasthan on Tuesday so O. went early to vote.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Travelin' To Speak Tomorrow

I'm booked for two speaking engagements tomorrow near Mumbai (Bombay). I'll drive (be driven) there early tomorrow morning.

The first is from 2-5PM among the women in friends of ours' church. The 2nd meeting is a church opening and I don't know them. I just happened to be in the area due to the Women's Meeting and was utilized.

I'll be speaking on "Walking in the Light" for the women's gathering and on 2 Samuel 24:24 for the church opening. Pray for me if you remember.

O. will be home with the three girls. He relishes the chance to play Mr. Mom.*

*One day out of 366

Saturday, January 23, 2010

O. And Team Back At Home At Last

Everyone got home from Rajasthan about an hour ago. It was a long wait for them today.

As they ate food (gobbled it up really) they were recounting the numerous ways God moved in miraculous ways. We just talked about the hundreds (I said no thousands) of people who prayed.

I cannot tell you how many responses I got from people saying that they - and their whole church - are praying. Praise the Lord. The amount of prayers prayed in regards to the situation this past week is uncountable and awe inspiring to me.

Friday, January 22, 2010

More Good News: Men In Jail

About twenty minutes ago I got a phone call from O. who was at the courts. The men who beat the believers on Sunday night were before the judge for sentencing (or non-sentencing.) According to O. they came with a lot of RSS* support and bribe money. O. said, "Pray."

I prayed and called someone to have both our Karuna kids and Bible Students pray right now, and I prayed some more.

About fifteen minutes after the first phone call O. called back - the judged sentenced the men to jail time until at least January 26th. After that, we don't know, but it was a great miracle and answer to prayer. Talk about holding your breath!

Thanks to everyone who has been praying. Don't stop.

Hopefully, we'll get our husbands back home soon now...

* RSS = Hindu Nationalist Organization, totally anti-Christian

The Police Are On Our Side

There has been a great breakthrough in the ongoing case of the beatings in Rajasthan. As of yesterday the police are now on our side. Since the beginning they have ignored, harassed, not helped and basically been unpleasant to us; but after two days of standing at the police station waiting for justice and inundating the police with phone calls from human rights groups, etc. from all over India, they gave in.

On Thursday night the police sent four security to escort some of the believers who were beaten back to their homes. One of the security men was supposed to stay there all night. This only happened through prayer. As God softened the heart of Pharaoh, he soften the heart of the police inspector, at last. Thanks for praying. After the past four days of hindrances on every side, this really was a great miracle.

The story gets better. After the security man was sent, O. and the guys with him returned to his home village in the evening. It's located about 3 Km from Tidi village where the attacks happened. As they pulled off the main road into the village they saw the security man sitting around with another man, drinking. He's supposed to be in Tidi protecting the villagers from more attacks and here he is three kilometers away, drunk.

O. got fired up, called the police inspector, threaten all kinds of stuff and got it all sorted it. But the end of it was that we caught the police corruption first hand and on film.

They are now much more willing to do what needs to be done.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photos Of The Persecuted

I received these photos this morning from two men who came back from Rajasthan last night. It took me a while to just get myself up to even looking at them. These are people we know and love. Our family in Christ and in blood.

These photos have all been taken over the last 3 days.

Pastor Surjit (This is the father of the president of our ministry.)

His hand was cut while using it to stop the ax that was coming toward his head.
O.'s sister with a broken leg. They didn't get any medical treatment until over 24 hours after the incident happened.

Ramesh, with his injured foot.

The man who held the meeting. It was at his house where the fighting broke out. He and many others have not been able to go back home due to fear of repercussions.
He was hit in the head with an ax.
Pray for them. Pray for O. and the others following up with the police and in the courts. This case may have to go all the way to the capital in Delhi.

* ignore the dates stamped on the photos, they're all wacky.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Really Happened That Night

My sister-in-law, Martha, talked to her sister, Laxmi, who was there the night of the beatings in Rajasthan and got the full story first hand today.

Here's what happened: about 15 believers: men, women and children, were gathered at the house of another believer for a prayer meeting. They had started to make rice and sang only a couple songs when some people came to stop the meeting. When they came and told them to stop, the pastor stopped everything and everyone was going to leave but the people then started to come at them with ax and heavy pieces of wood.

They beat everyone. The numbers of believers and beaters were about equal but the believers had several small children with them. Even they were beaten. The pastor, Surjit, was beaten the most and when he was on the ground they came at his head with the ax, but he stopped it with his hand. He has a bad cut on the palm of his hand and forearm from it.

O.'s sister, Laxmi, was beat several times on her legs and one leg was broken. Someone also came at her with an ax but at the last second someone pushed it away so that it only hit her leg slightly.

There were three young men among the believers; Ramesh, the Bible College graduate who was missing but later found, fought off as many men as he could and was able to rescue most of the children and get them out of there. He was later beaten badly, he was just one against fifteen. He was able to escape by jumping into some body of water and pushing three of them into it (they were drunk).

The two other young men who are very new believers were also there and were beaten. Laxmi told Martha she was worried that after this their faith would fail, but they have both said that Christ suffered so much more for them that this was nothing. Amen to that.

Once you get the story from the mouths of women you get a much clearer idea of what happened.

The other side continues to hold onto that the believers were drunk and had killed a cow. Lies, but it's what the police and everyone else is choosing to believe. That's the uphill battle that O. is fighting, trying to get the truth out and accepted as the truth.

The beaten believers are still in much pain; the pastor was taken back to the hospital today because the pain had become too severe.

There was an encouragement and unity meeting this morning and about 200 Christians came from the surrounding areas, which is great. O. and his team are back at the police station tonight trying to get an honest report on file. Keep on praying.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Opposed On Every Side

O. just called and said that they continue to get negative responses from everyone - doctors, news media, police, lawyers, politicians. The other side (the ones who beat them) continue to spread lies and these seem to be the stories that everyone is accepting.

O. says tomorrow they will put a case against the people from the side of his sister, hoping that will hold some more weight because she is a woman and also seriously injured. He asked for prayer for that and also for a good lawyer.

He also called all the pastors from the city and surrounding villages to come together in unity tomorrow. He's hoping for a turnout of at least 100 pastors. Please pray for them to come together and stand as one in Christ.

Continue to pray for Onkar, the team, and those who were injured. Thanks for visiting my blog, I've had more visitors today than I think in the last 6 months combined! Pray!

Mintu in Assam

While all the information is coming in about the attacks on our Christian brothers and sisters in Rajasthan, I got another phone call from the Northeast corner of India, Assam. Mintu, a recent graduate of our Bible College, is church planting in the state of Assam. Since June, he's already planted a church and trained someone to care for it and is in the process of planting another. He's full of zeal for the Lord, yet often discouraged. He's alone in the work, unmarried and without a partner in ministry.

Last month he called me and told me he was getting married. Good news! But the road ahead of him is still very hard. Last night he called and said that 2 days earlier there had been a terrorist attack and a bomb had exploded right in front of him. Two people were killed before his eyes.

The terrorist attacks in the state of Assam have become so frequent that people do not even go out of their homes after 6PM. He asked for prayer and shared his struggles in sharing the Gospel and planting churches in such a violent environment. Please pray for him.

Tuesday Updates On Rajasthan

O. and his team were at hospitals late into the night and early morning hours. The injured had been turned out of the government hospital yesterday and the doctors there refused to admit them. When O. arrived last night, he took all of the injured back to the hospital, forced the hospital to take their x-rays and then carted everyone off to another (private) hospital to be admitted. At present seven people are admitted in the hospital. His sister had a cast put on her leg and the others are being treated for their injuries.

At this point the government hospital personal, the police, and the media have all sided with the Hindu persecutors. (bribes) The report in the newspaper today ready that the Christians ate meat or killed a cow or some such nonsense and that is why there was the incident on Sunday night. Lies.

I did hear that some of the people had been apprehended and put in jail, but I don't have many more details than that.

We're all praying here and waiting for the phone to ring.

O. did tell me he'd be going to the mayor of the city today and to pray for that meeting.

Clipping My Nails

Yesterday at this time I was sitting out front of my house clipping my fingernails for about a half an hour. I just couldn't really bring myself to do much other than that. The laundry could get hung out to dry later, the kids could do their homework later, whatever there was to do, it didn't seem so important. I think I was still in shock.

I'm feeling a little more active now.

Welcome To The New Testament

In October of 2008 I was challenged to read through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation by the testimony of a man who has been reading through the Bible 3-4 times a year for the past 30 years or something. I started at Genesis 1:1 on October 31st, 2009 (whoops , this should have read 2008...) and yesterday, January 18th, 2010, I finished Malachi.

Fourteen and a half months later and I am finally moving into the New Testament. It took me a while, but I enjoyed myself.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Update On The Rajasthan Situation

O. and a team of about 9 others left this afternoon to go and encourage the believers in Rajasthan and help them out. O. just called me and said that they got news that the government hospital were the believers were treated did not admit them overnight but sent them home. Apparently, the doctor was given money by some of the persecutors to "lighten" the case. If believers are admitted in the hospital it would give weight to a court case. O. asked for prayer.

He also asked for prayer for himself that he would not get too angry over the situation and let his emotions control him but that he would allow the Lord to work through him. Please pray for him in this area.

O. and the team have not yet arrived but that's what we know right now from others who are there.

Ramesh. Our Bible College graduate who was missing last night and this morning but who has since been found. PTL!

I should have more details after O. and the others arrive tonight. Please keep praying.

Attack in Rajasthan

This morning O. and I got a phone call that his sister, her husband (the pastor), and several believers were beaten in a surprise attack after a prayer meeting on Sunday night near O.’s home village in Rajasthan. At the end of the meeting everyone came outside of the home where the meeting was being held and they were attacked by a large mob carrying sticks and axes. Men, women and children were beaten and they ran into the night to escape the persecution.

O.’s sister was beaten on her arms and legs, her husband was beaten the most and was unconscious until 3AM. They had no vehicles, no 911, no cellphones. Everyone just ran away to hide until daylight.

By God’s grace no one was killed. Several believers were beaten very terribly. The owner of the house were the meeting was held was injured by a blow to the head with an ax. Another young man, Ramesh, who is a graduate of our Bible College (2009), was there and fought off the attackers with his hands as much as possible and as of this morning was still missing.

I spent most of the morning in tears and prayer and it wasn’t until about 2:30 this afternoon that I got the news that Ramesh had turned up. He was injured badly on his foot and after hiding out all night, returned to his village. Thank the Lord. He was on the way to the hospital.

First of all this morning, before going to the hospital the pastor and others went to the police station to report the incident. Those who are more seriously injured are now admitted in the hospital.

Please pray.

O.'s sister and husband who were attacked last night.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Phoebe's Little Boy

We all went over to Phoebe's house last night to visit. I even had my camera with me.

Here he is, 12 days old. Still no name. Cute as a button. Looks just like Phoebe.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Lazies

After the business of 2009, I've slipped into the lazies here at the beginning of 2010. I keep thinking I'll snap out of it...

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

1000 Posts

I loved seeing "1000 Posts" when I opened my Blogger account today. This is 1001, whoo-hoo.!

Our boy Bible Students performed their Award Winning Nativity skit a few more times over the Christmas season so I got to take some pictures.

Here are Mary and Joseph before the census guy. (notice donkey in red in the front.)

Mary on the donkey. (She really rode him.)

Utterly unforgetable. I wish it were videoed.

Monday, January 04, 2010

The Day I Have Been Waiting For - My One Thousandth Post!!!

Sadly, I do find my 1000th post somewhat thrilling. O-Kay - A Lot Thrilling. Yay, One Thousand posts, people.

I won't even waste this post on a throw-away picture post - No - I'll give you a real, live entry for Mr. One Thousand.

If this were not my One Thousandth Post I would have called it, "How I Spent My New Year's Eve."

I spent a large part of New Year's Eve 2009 in a hospital delivery room. I was somewhat deliriously happy not just over the new life about to enter the world but over the fact that I was NOT the one on the delivery table, for once.

Phoebe, who lived with me for four years and was married last year, went to the hospital in labor on December 30th (while I was in the movie theater with my kids watching, "Avatar.") She was sent home and was readmitted 24 hours later.

By New Year's Eve I was in the delivery room with her helping her push. Yes, I did every action, I felt like was giving birth myself (but no pain, thankfully.) She cried a lot and kept grabbing my head and saying "Mommy-sah, when will it be over????" (I can do a good imitation of her voice but that's irrelevant here.)

After about three hours on the bed, at 7:50PM Phoebe gave birth to a healthy, chubby little boy. Everyone was fine. I stayed for a while in the hospital and then headed home to eat and bathe (I was stinky, giving birth is a stinky business. - OK, assisting.) I caught about 45 minutes of our New Year's Eve service and then went home and went to bed.

Sunday, January 03, 2010


E. and C. in one of their Christmas Dance costumes from our program on December 22nd.

They posed themselves.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Friday, January 01, 2010

Karuna Christmas 2010

Our Karuna Kids got their gift packages from our USA friends on Christmas Eve. Here's a few shots to get you in the mood.
Opening the gifts!
Thank You so much!Karuna Kids in their new Christmas clothes.
Please pray for our Karuna Home. It is in a bad condition due to water problems and drainage. We desperately need to tear down the present house and rebuild. Maybe this is something God will do in 2010!

Wiped Out By Christmas

E. collapsed asleep on the gift items that came from the USA.