Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our Two Left Feet

Before writing this post, I'd just like to clear a few things.

1. This is my personal blog. Not a ministry blog, although it has ministry stuff in it. You'll have to sort through if that is all you are looking for.

2. I reached a new level of laziness. I actually used my cell phone to call down to our house (land line) phone last night instead of getting out of bed. This is possibly due to laziness or maybe just the late state of pregnancy and the effort it takes to get in and out of bed, as well as the tiredness that is with me always. Also, possibly due to my bad ankle which I will write about ... now.

O. and both have bad left feet. Almost 2 weeks ago I tripped down a step and twisted my ankle. It's still swollen, my OBGYN told me not to go to the bone Dr. (aka, her brother-in-law) down the hall from her at the hospital. She said he'd give me heavy doses of medicine I couldn't take anyway. She gave me three days worth of some light swelling reducing medicine which was the worst medicine I have ever taken in my life and told me to keep my foot elevated for 2 days. HA!

I did take the medicine and suffered from a burning stomach and vomity sensation (I should have taken it with milk like she said - I learned that lesson by the 3rd day). But the foot is not elevated. Elevate my foot for 2 whole days - I don't even sit down.

Anyway, O. also has a bad foot. He has a corn or a wart or some such thing on the bottom of his foot. It's been there for a month or so. He finally got dragged to the Dr. by his friend the other day and is under treatment. He informed me it was a "very serious problem." Well, it's contagious anyway. Whatever.

We're both limping around.