Monday, June 07, 2010

And When G. Got Stitches In Her Foot

O. and I conducted a leadership training seminar this morning for our staff. We also got our first big rain of the monsoon season. During the 2nd break O. said, "Asha (the babysitter) just called, G. got hurt."

Well, I rushed home and found out G. had hurt her foot while playing in the rain and slipped and cut the top of her foot on some tiles. One of our staff members had come to the house at the same time for some other work and rushed her right to the hospital.

I had no idea where they went and I had left my cellphone purse, etc. at the mtg. At last we found them after rushing all over the city in the mud on a motorcycle. G. was already bandaged up and getting her medicine from the shop by the time we got there. She got a little weepy when she saw me but not much. Then she said, "You weren't here." :(

She's been a trooper, hasn't complained, just sits like a little angel with her ankles crossed and watches TV.

God was good to me, he knows I cannot handle the sight of my children's blood, it makes me go a little insane. I haven't even seen the injury - It's all bandaged up til we go back to the Doctor on Wednesday.

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