Sunday, August 08, 2010


I admit that Facebook has put the hurt on my blogging to some degree, but I still like it.

Here are my thoughts on the types of people you find on Facebook: (in no particular order and I'm not judging, just observing):

1. Kids are Their World: These are the people who are obsessed with their kids, especially with their kid's illnesses and pretty much post that only.

2. Jesus Lovers*: Their posts generally contain something about Jesus loving them or them loving Jesus or a request for prayer.

3. In Love: These people are so in love with their spouse/significant other that I'm constantly in awe that so many people in the world actually found the perfect mate...

4. Networkers: These people are on Facebook for one reason and one reason only - to get business.

5. Facebook Gamers: Farmville, Vampyre somethin-anothers, etc... Facebook=funtime (I guess).

6. Sin Convictors: These people generally will post only verses or Biblically related quotes or personal thoughts that generally just leave me convicted (which I think was their point).

7. No Lifers: (owwww, now I'm getting mean...) Posts invariably relate to what these people ate, drank, where they're going or what they're watching on TV.

8. Over Posters: People who post so many times a day on Facebook that I have had to "hide" them so that I can actually read other people's posts too.

9. Well Rounded: Obviously well rounded would be that person who posts consistently (1-2 times a day - I personally consider more than that highly obsessive - see #8) on a variety of topics - above mentioned as well as others.

*I love Jesus too!


Anonymous said...

Karen S: Funny---I have a few more types - Minimalist: they put one or two words
My life is better than your's- they always have something exciting happening
commenters - they never put an original thought down just comment on others
compliment seeker: they'll say something like..."I don't feel pretty today" so that their friends will feel obliged to say, "Oh, you are so beautiful!"
As far as the "convictor" or I love Jesus" person - If they cause me to be more like Jesus, than I say bring it on!

Rebecca O said...

Good points points too. I'm sure if I really studied this I could come up with loads more.

As for the "sin convictors" Some are good but mostly they just seem "holier than thou" to me.

Ben said...

I just saw this Fbook thing... Wish your blog had a like button. :)