Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September Is Almost OVER

September is almost over and well, it's a busy month! BUT I did need to get back to how my birthday celebration went - since I promised.

Really. Thank you Lord.
Very loud poppers at the cake cutting - notice G. and me covering our ears.
I was fed loads of cake - I think there were a total of FOUR cakes for me.
We had so much fun playing games all night. We just laughed and laughed. One friend told me she got her smile back that night. Another man said that after the party he sat outside his house for an hour and a half and just laughed.
So much FUN!
This is what happened to my girls when the party was over - I pretty much felt that way too, except I spent about an hour laying in bed laughing to myself about ridiculous happenings that night.
I loved all the phone calls and I especially loved visiting our Bible College and Karuna kids and having them extend their hand toward me and pray for me. I love those kids praying for me. I am blessed.

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