Monday, April 28, 2008

Conversion Law

"Conversion law violation is a criminal offence now"

That's the headline of a recent newspaper article in The Times of India that refers to people converting from one religion to another. We call these laws "anti-conversion" laws and in our state it came into effect on April 1st after 5 years of pending.

The article states that, " From now on anyone wishing to convert (from one religion to another) will have to tell the government why they were doing it and for how long they had been following the religion which they were renouncing, failing which, they will be declared offenders and prosecuted under criminal laws."

Basically this law states that if you want to convert from one religion to another you have to get government permission to do so first. Failing to do so can get you arrested and charged under criminal charges - you know like, Murder and Rape. It's that high an offence.

There's not much I can say about this other than let's pray and watch what God will do.

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