Thursday, April 10, 2008

Funeral Pictures - The End

When I was a little girl I found an old photo album at my Grandmom's house. When I opened it I found an entire album of dead people. People in coffins, adults and children alike. There were also pictures of people standing next to dead people in coffins. As I recall Grandmom discovered me with the album and quickly spirited it away. I don't remember being scared or repulsed by the photos, mainly I was disappointed that I didn't get to see them all or look at them like I wanted to.

The thought of a camera at a funeral in the US today is absurd (unless the deceased is, of course, a celebrity.) However, I guess it was normal in earlier times. In India, taking pictures of the dead is the norm. (There will be no pictures of dead people in this post.)

O. wanted the camera at the funeral yesterday. I don't pick fights over things like that, I just said I wouldn't be the one taking the pictures. He gave the camera to Praveen and he snapped pictures for hours (he hates funerals anyway.)

Hence, I have a pictorial post of the funeral. My Internet has decided not to load anymore pictures today, so we're starting and ending at The End. I'll try to get up the rest of the pictures tomorrow. And, as usual for my pictorial posts, the photos are NOT in chronological order. Blogger picture loading hates me.

This is taken at the grave site after the coffin was lowered into the ground and covered over with dirt. Last prayer.
The mound is covered with flowers, candles and incense.
Anil's mother and aunt throwing dirt onto the coffin.

The End.
More pictures from the beginning will hopefully be loaded tomorrow.

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