Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Big Day

Eve Traders officially opens today at 3PM. We'll start with praise and worship and prayer and then cut the ribbon. I was there most of yesterday stocking. It was a blast. I'm exhausted but I am remembering how much I love retail. I do. I love retail. All those years working at Barnes and Nobles DID have a purpose.

We also have some kind of Remembrance Prayer between 11Am-12noon today for Hindu friends. The man's father died some time back and he is holding a large program to remember him and he has specifically called O. to come and pray, which is a huge step in our ministering to them, so we can't really miss it. (major runon, but I'm leaving it.) It would be nice if these two things fell on different days...

I asked my sister-in-law and niece to watch the girls today and make lunch, so at least I'm free.

Just on a side note since I read Jamie's comments on another post: The purpose of the Stationary Store is to support the ministry and God's ministers here in India.

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