Monday, May 12, 2008


My E. is never ever sick.

Except when we travel. On those rare occasions when she does become sick, it generally starts with vomiting and diarrhea the morning we are scheduled to leave.

And as it was, after a week of eating every meal out, E. got the "throw-ups" and diarrhea the morning we were leaving Goa.

After throwing up numerous times E. and I had this conversation.

E: "I'm sick because you fed me those Sleems last night."

Me: "Sleems."

E: "Yeah, Sleems."

Me: "Sleems... Sleems... You mean Shrimp*?"

E: "Uh, yeah."

*We call them "Prawns" over here. And we ate lots and lots of them in Goa. G. even loved 'em and could chow down several fried sleems at one sitting. This was amazing to us since she only has 8 teeth. However, after two days of being bitten numerous times by my 14 month old, we discovered she has 2 new molars. This explained the three mysteries of vacation -1. Fantastic Sleem eating by Baby G. 2. G.'s vampirish tendencies on Saturday and Sunday 3. G.'s red raw bottom and miserable disposition during the middle of our vacation.

Update on E.: By God's grace she was fine by the time we got on the train Sunday morning and hasn't thrown up since. We're just continuing to avoid the sleems.

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