Monday, September 28, 2009

Back Home In India

It was a long Thursday - Friday- Saturday but we finally reached home on Saturday afternoon to a wild and wonderful welcome. There were so many people picking us up at the train station and putting flower garlands on us, that the spectators were asking each other,"Who are these people?" I guess we were missed.

The plane ride was 15 hours, the two youngest girls got sick and felt miserable. They still have runny noses and a cough. We got through the stuff in the Bombay airport fairly quickly although I was afraid we'd be quarantined by the swine flu people because of my sick girls, but we slipped through. - They do not have swine flu.

We got through customs and immigration so quickly that our co-workers weren't even there yet to pick us up when we got outside. (They got stuck in traffic.)

We spent the night in a hotel where G. whined and cried the entire time and kept us all up until I sent her to her father who was in with the men catching up on the last 2 1/2 months.

At 8:30AM we took a train from Bombay to our city. For some reason we were booked on the slowest train ever and the 4-5 hour trip took 8 hours. But, we made it and with all 10 suitcases intact and all 4 children.

Thanks for praying.

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crazybeautifulchaos said...

Glad to know you arrived safely - was your sanity still in tact as well? Hope the girls are recovering...