Sunday, October 04, 2009

Super Hot

Since we've arrived back in India it has been Really Hot and Really Humid. Like Super Hot. Unseasonably Hot. So hot, that the only thing anybody even talks about any more is how-hot-it-is.

We didn't have much of a rainy season here in our little corner of India this year and this is distressing on many levels. Just the stinkin' hot-ness is distressing, but more than even that- no rain means vegetable, grains and fruit prices go up. Way up. Inflation is in full force here in India. And let's not forget- when it's unseasonable hot, people get sick.

For me personally, my skin has decided to peal off my body in protest of the hot weather. No, not like a sunburn, I'm not at all burned, it's just been so hot for so long, my skin pealed off my elbows. See photo:

Yes, it hurts. Yes, it burns. Yes, I bump this sensitive area over and over again every day - hence why the skin pealed off of there and not, say, my nose.
Good News! It rained today. Maybe the humidity will break.

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