Monday, February 22, 2010

My Heart Can't Take Much More

Another one of our co-workers was in an accident last night.

I was on the way to a house warming program with the kids and I got a phone call that our church pastor - Anoop - was in a motorcycle accident. I yelled at everybody to settle down, we were going to the hospital. Two minutes later Anoop called me, to my great relief he wasn't dead - you never get any info on the first phone call, and I found out he and his wife and two sons were all OK but that their youngest son (Prince, he's 4) was hurt the most.

We rushed to the hospital and I went into the emergency room and saw Anoop, his wife and their older son all standing there looking fine, then I turned to the table and there was Prince all wrapped up like a mummy. Then the doctor shooed me out of the room.

OK, Prince wasn't quite a mummy but he had a huge bandage wrapped around his head, and around other body parts. (I considered taking a picture for the blog but I felt kind of creepy asking for it so I didn't it.) He'll be alright, his face is pretty swollen but he only cries when his parents don't let him get up and play with the kids - I think that's a good sign.

The rest of the family has bumps and bruises and scrapes and sore body parts but everyone is alive and well, thank the Lord.

They were hit from behind by an eighth grade boy speeding down the road out of control, he happened to be a student in our school. He was barely injured.

This is the 3rd accident involving our co-workers this month. Previously we averaged about one per year. Please pray, it's obvious Satan is attacking. It's also obvious that God is miraculously protecting his people.

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