Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A Scare

When I left for Rajasthan on Thursday another family went with us to visit their loved ones there in the same village. It was our accountant, Limba, and his wife and baby. They stayed only one night and left by bus on Friday night to travel back home while we stayed on in the village.

At 7:30AM on Saturday morning O. and I were awakened by shouts from our niece and our daughter coming into the room and telling us they had just gotten a phone call that Limba and his family were in an accident.

I called home right away and found out that they ad gotten off the bus in our city and were taking an auto rickshaw home and while going on the road another vehicle (a van) came and crashed into the back of them. The little auto rickshaw went flying down the road and enventually tumbled over a few times.

Limba banged his head but was not injured, the baby was totally fine, but Limba's wife, Rajni, was hurt badly in her back. Thank the Lord, they were spared worse than that. Rajni was walking and talking but in a lot of pain. She is also 3 months pregnant and they did an ultrasound and the baby is fine. The main issue is the back pain and since she is pregnant, no x-ray.

Pray for her, she's resting and hopefully, healing.

It was a big scare, but those who were here to see the result of the accident praised God - by the condition of the auto rickshaw it was hard to believe that anyone could walk out of it alive.

P.S. - the driver of the van ran away from the scene. The scoundrel. (The man pictured above is
not him.)

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Praying and praising God with you!