Monday, March 22, 2010

Indian Post

Mom is so good to us. She blesses us with frequent packages of stuff from the USA. Recently she sent a package that had several boxes of chocolates in it. Yum!
When I opened the outer box I realized that it had a large hole in it and it was taped over. Weird, that had never happened before.

As I looked into the box I saw there was a plastic bag with boxes of chocolate in it. One box in particular seemed strange. A quarter of the chocolates were already eaten!

When I flipped the box of chocolate truffles over what did I find- but another hole!

Stinkin' mice.
I can only imagine the surprise of the Indian custom's officer who opened this box and got more than he bargained for. Eeeek!
There were no mice in the box when I opened it - thank goodness.
Yes, we still ate the remaining chocolate truffles.

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