Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank You Mrs. R. Temple-Wright

As I sort of promised yesterday, here is a excerpt from "Baker and Cook" by Mrs. R. Temple-Wright.

(Exactly as written, emphasis all hers):

"Why I make my own Bread.
Even at the risk of shocking you, I must not mince matters, but tell you my reasons in plain language. I saw one afternoon a baker's carrier bringing a basket of bread from the bazaar into the station; he was stopped by a purchaser, who findered every loaf before he decided which he would buy. That fastidious would-be purchaser was a -- leper!
I went to a baker's shop, and entered into a conversation with a boy who seemed to be in charge, but who, being unable to answer questions, called out to the baker who was making bread in the next room. The baker appeared with the dough stinking to his fingers and on seeing a lady, said he would wash his hands and return. He did so, and stood revealed as a miserable leper!
I have seen dirty sheets taken off the dirty body and used for tying up the atta with which next day's bread was to be made! My own eyes have beheld the family blanket pulled off the bed of sickness and of death, and used in the bazaar bakehouse to keep warm the dough which would presently appear in the form of bread for European consumption! I have seen far more than this, but I need not tell more. I feel sure you have already resolved, as I did years before, never to eat bazaar bread."

Mrs. R. Temple-Wright, thanks for not holding back or mincing matters.

atta = whole wheat flour

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