Friday, April 30, 2010

The Disputed Territory

Since before Christmas we have been clearing a piece of O.'s father's land to make room for a Hindi Bible College and a village medical clinic in the future.

In the following picture you can see the land that is being cleared and there are 2 small houses.
Those houses were built by squatters who just planted themselves there many years ago. We have now been in the process of trying to remove them from there. It's been very difficult and we've done all we could to resettle them elsewhere, but, in typical village mentality, they want to fight.

O. and his team were there from Tuesday morning until last night, working out this problem and building a boundary wall. One family is resettled and happy, the other is fighting tooth and nail. O.'s sister stays there and has to deal with all the abuse from the unhappy villagers while O. is not around. O. left last night and a couple hours after he reached home the phone started ringing again. They were taking O.'s sister to the police station (I don't really know why.) The disgruntled party were, obviously, just waiting for O. to leave (it's 7 hours north of us).

Please pray for O. On top of all of this, he really is sick with a throat infection or something. He's lost his voice and feels terrible. He could really use your prayers. Thanks.

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