Friday, July 09, 2010

Three Days In

I've been teaching for the last three days in Bible College and have had a blast, although my legs hurt from standing so much. Out of the habit I guess.

I'm teaching Old Testament to the 1st Year Students. This is the third time around for me. And the Book of Psalms for the 2nd Year students - 1st time.

We're still waiting around for the new students to come. All the month of may we were unsure of whether we could take new students or not and that uncertainty lost us some time in recruiting, but they're coming in slowly but surely. Hopefully, by this Monday most of the students will have arrived.

There's no class today because our boys have to move into a different building and the the girls have to move into the building the boys are vacating. Works out well, I can catch up on some studying.

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