Monday, January 03, 2011

Strange Ways Of Faith or Happy 2011

I shared at our testimony time in church on New year's Eve that the thing I am most thankful for is that 2010 is OVER. It was a hard year for me. I have great hopes for 2011, however. One thing I can say for 2010 is that God taught me more in one year of my life than he had in all the previous years put together. Wow, that's a lot of teaching.

As in the strange ways of faith, He has brought me to a most childlike place. In my mind's eye I see myself, as a child, clinging on to Christ's hand and Him leading me somewhere. My eyes are squeezed shut, I don't know where I am going. When I open my eyes, where will I be?

But I trust Him, and believe it is going to be a place of joy.


Anonymous said...

I think it is a great, but very difficult place to be. I have also really struggled this year. God has taught me SO much. I do not feel as if I have made much progress, but I also have realised how much I NEED him and to hold on to His hand. He knows what he is doing. It makes me feel like I am still learning the basics, but then again, being able to rest in Him and let him lead may be the destination. I am glad 2010 is over and do not have many expectations in 2011. No resolutions, but to keep holding his hand. Maybe that is what child-like faith is really like. We do not have to plan ANYthing. He takes care. He is our Daddy. We just have to hold his hand.
Love to you friend. I guss I am holding his other hand. We are walking the same path!


Rebecca O said...

That's a nice picture...