Monday, July 31, 2006

Home And Gone Again

O. got home yesterday afternoon from his conference in Delhi and leaves tomorrow night for another (shorter) conference in Goa. (Factoid: The word for "tomorrow" and "yesterday" in Hindi is the same - so you can only tell the difference by the verb tense.- weird)

Anyway, The conference he's going to is basically a gathering of Christian leaders in India with the goal of working together and making a plan to see India 20% Christian by the year 2020. Pretty cool. We're currently at 2%, only 18% to go. It's gonna happen.

We've recently become good friends with the director of an organization that has contacts with all of these different conferences. O. goes for free and traveling is paid for. Can't beat it. And they just love him.

According to O., at the last conference he was the youngest - by far. I wouldn't be surprised if it's similar at this conference in Goa too. He's 30 in an over 60 crowd.

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