Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Meeting

Here it is, the promised update.

Last night we had over 50 women come to the ladies ministry meeting at our church. The weather was gorgeous, we couldn't have asked for better.

I was very excited that women from at least 2 other churches were there and several unchurched ladies as well.

The message was annointed and at one point the speaker said she was going over time and I thought to yell out, "No problem!" - but I didn't. After the meeting was finished many ladies just gushed that the message was too short and wanted the speaker to go on and on. (She spoke for 45 minutes) So that was a good sign for sure.

She spoke on Why God made us women. It was a great message.

Thanks to all who prayed.

Some other updates: My itching is much better but i still have some resistant patches so i need to be more dilligent with putting on my medicinal creams.

I'm also having trouble checking any blogs on Blogger, including mine. I can post and I get the comments through my email, but I can't check anything. I think it's a weird thing with this computer. The phone in O.'s office is still not fixed, so his computer is still out.

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