Monday, July 24, 2006

Too Tired

Vinita and I have been out visiting quite a bit these past two weeks because we have another large ladies meeting tomorrow night.

Today was our last stop and it was in the slum area. You have to go there last because they can't read and don't really know what day of the week it is half the time, so it's good to go and say "tomorrow."

The entire area where they live, (about 10 yards from the railroad tracks) is full of water, so there are these makeshift walkways.

When we were walking there, there was a large dip in the ground with rushing water beneath it. Over the gap was a rickity "bridge." Two pieces of bamboo with some slaps of wood, most thinner than plywood, crossing them. It kind of reminded me of somethigng from a Tarzan movie or something, but without the ropes for handholds. Oh, even better, think: Indian Jones and the Themple of Doom. - but not that long.

Anyway, I said to Vinita and her 4 year old daughter, "You go first." No really, I weigh 50 pounds more than her.

In the end, I spotted a place where we could walk down and cross in just a few inches of water.

I could go on. I'll just say we arrived at "making dinner time" which means that everyone was cooking with damp wood inside their houses. By the 3rd house our eyes were watering so badly that even tho it was Vinita's turn to pray she had me do it. (That was at Shankar's house - remember kidney problem - I'll write about him later)

Anyway, the meeting is tomorrow. I hope everyone comes. I hope it doesn't rain. Rain could mean the difference between 15 or 50 people.

I'm very excited, but very tired. The speaker comes in tomorrow morning but I have 3 other guests I'm trying to move out in time to get the room cleaned - oh well.

I'll let you know how it all went. Good Night!

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Di said...

We're praying for all of your ladies. And that God holds off the rain.
Update on the scabies? Did the body shampoo work?