Monday, October 30, 2006

In Words

Alright, now that I got all those pictures loaded I'm ready to write - I suppose. (If you only want to see pictures of the retreat, skip this post and go on to the next ones...)

Actually, I have this head cold and my nose itches all the time and I'm a sneeze machine and I feel like there is a large piece of clay in my head where my brain should be. I was up to the task of loading pictures - but writing - well, gotta do it sometime.

We arrived in O.'s Udaipur* village Friday evening and got settled in. We spent most of Saturday sightseeing - by walk. Almost killed us. We had fun nonetheless.

We spent that night at a school in the city - with one (1) bathroom for the 60 of us. Yeah. We went to a big church on Sunday morning in the city and that was wonderful. (I was unbathed.)

Sunday night we were happy to be back in the village and our own meetings started. It rained. It's not rainy season, but we had downpours 3 times. Of course the meetings were outside - open air. We prayed and soldiered on.

Monday was lovely and was filled with lots of meeting - mostly on the topics of family.

Monday was also the day I had my breakdown. I'm over 5 months pregnant and I hadn't eaten hardly anything for 4 days - plus not sleeping at night and missing my afternoon naps.
Since we were making our own food for 70 people 3 times a day and were on a really tight budget - we had potatoes a lot. Potatoes and Eggplant. I hate eggplant, that and liver are about the 2 things I just CANNOT eat.

So, I heard on Monday morning (while I was slicing onions for a curry to feed 70 people) that we were having potatoes and eggs for lunch. I thought, ok, I can ignore the dirty (yes - they were DIRTY) potaoes and just eat a little piece of egg.

I got there for lunch - no egg. Only potatoes. I cried over my rice. All my friends from church started running here and there and bringing me fruit and cookies that they had hidden away. My sister in law walked across the highway to a restaurant and got me some food. The eggs finally came and someone boiled them for me - 5 eggs.

So, I ate and survived. It was a hard and tiring trip for me and in the end - I got REAL sick. I vomited all the way home on the 8 hour drive. I guess I'm better now - 'cept for this stinkin' cold.

Anyway, all our believers and everyone had a wonderful time and it was a great time of fellowship to say the least. The meetings were informative and effective, I believe. Thanks to those who prayed.

Now - on to the pictures...

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