Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Who Are You And Where Is My Husband

O. is at a week long conference since Sunday night.

Strangely, for the first time ever, he didn't want to go. This man LOVES conferences and training retreats and anything of that genre. But he dragged his feet about going from Friday til Sunday when he finally left.

He didn't even bathe before going. He was wearing the same clothes he'd had on for 3 days.

This is not my husband. My husband bathes 2-3 times a day and changes his clothes and underwear each time. He can't even take the kids out for an ice cream without getting a shower and getting fresh first.

Yet, there he was, unbathed, unbrushed and off to a conference of Indian National Christian leaders.

Hence my question to him on Sunday morning, "Who ARE you, and where is my husband?"

Actually, sometime on Saturday it was becoming clear to me that Satan did not want O. to attend this conference. O.'s reluctance, the dragging the feet - the not bathing- it was all so un-O. So, I figure, if Satan Doesn't want him there, then God most certainly Does.

I was glad when I heard on Sunday morning after O. finally got on a train, that when he started saying he'd go by bus in the evening that Praveen, our President, and Ramesh, O.'s brother, said "No Bus - goodbye." And put O. on the train.

He calls a lot. He is loving the meeting and the atmosphere, he does sound broken on the phone.

Please pray for him especially this week, I believe he needs it. He is our leader over here and a lot of people depend on him and look to him to lead so he needs your constant prayer.

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