Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I really like what God has had me doing the last few weeks while O. and Praveen are away. I've been wondering what it will be like once they are back. Weird. I'm praying about it.

I've been working on getting our Bible College Library together and it's all up but I now need to make a record of all the books. Time consuming but work I love. (All those years working in Barnes and Noble are paying off...) I wish I had a camera to send a picture.

I also went and dropped off one of our recent Bible College graduates in a city where we have one of our schools. They have been without a pastor for some time and I have been praying over the situation there and praying for a church to grow up.

The young man who went there today has been working since July as an Assistant pastor in our Head Office church and he will now be the Pastor of his own church. It's very exciting for me to be a part of this. I really have no desire to be anywhere else.

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