Thursday, February 14, 2008

V Day

For year number 4, or is it 5, in a row, O. and I are not together on Valentine's Day. Well, no problem. V-Day falls right behind my birthday in "Days Of The Year That I Dread And Wish Would Pass Me Right By."

This year was good, I resolved to spend my V-day with unmarried people. So, I went to a garden with my 3 daughters, 2 nephews and 1 neice, and we had a really nice time.

Whew, glad this day is over.

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Elena said...

I've never like Valentine's either. R. was my first Valentine ever but we don't always do that much for it. The year we were engaged he was across the country in a friend's wedding, for example, so I spent it with my mom finding a dress.