Monday, March 31, 2008

A Beautiful Night

Recently O. has really been into brokenness. Brokenness not just for himself but for everyone who works with us on our team, from the biggest to the smallest. Sometimes I wonder if he thinks that brokenness is something that we can make happen in other people, like, if we give them the right circumstances they will breakdown and everything that needs healing will be healed.

Along the lines of the "Brokenness Issue" O. planned a "Family Meeting" for all our Co-workers for Sunday night. After scheduling the meeting we got a call from good (older, godly) friends of ours who live 3 hours away saying that they were free this weekend and wanted to visit. Two totally unrelated incidents that God brought to be. The couple who wanted to come are counselors and seminar speakers, they focus mainly on families.

Well, upon hearing they were coming O. gave the "Family Meeting" into their hands and it turned out to be a wonderful thing. Johnny (that's the man's name) taught on Barnabas and then afterwards asked us to individually go to each person and encourage them and tell them what we appreciate about them.

I was pretty nervous at this point. Not about the encouraging, but about the being encouraged. I can give it, but it's harder for me to take it. I didn't get to talk to everyone but I talked to at least half, and everyone I really wanted to talk to. It was a wonderful thing for most of us. I loved having that opportunity to share how much and why I love. I was blessed, too, by their love expressed to me.*

It was a beautiful night. And now it's captured forever on my blog.

* One person actually said to me, "Madam, Ap keliyay marni keliyay tyar hoo."
Translation: "Madam, I'm ready to die for you."

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