Friday, March 21, 2008

The Last Supper

It's Good Friday.

I threw myself into preparing 2 skits with my Bible Students this week. I have loads of IDEAS but I fall short on the Hindi. But God gave me someone skilled to work with me and together we prepared 2 skits for my Bible Students to perform during our Good Friday Service. I had 7 short skits in mind, but we only had time for two.

Since we have 13 Bible Students, the Last Supper seemed like a given. The lady who helped me had already prepared a skit for Peter's denial so we did that one too.

Here is Shambhu, he's who I chose to portray Jesus. I chose him because he is gentle spirited and not outstanding in any way. I stuck by my casting choice even when over the last 3 days of practice he said all his lines (most lines were his) in a monotone. However, during the actual performance today - he did great. But the real vindication came when O. said after the service today (unprompted) "That boy playing Jesus was good." Whew.
Preparing - notice they are using the back of a steel plate as a mirror.
All 13 Bible Students in costume.
I do love my students dearly. Last week when I was sick, they prayed for me for an hour every night and every morning.

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