Friday, March 07, 2008

Bulking Up

I am sitting here popping (I accidentally wrote "pooping") Wilbur Buds* and I am totally guilt free since O. returned from the USA and proclaimed that I now need to gain weight. The man is never satisfied.

Praveen told me today it looks like I lost 12 lbs while they were in the USA. I don't know b/c I don't have a scale but I did have to take all my saree blouses to the Tailor to have them tightened (they're form fitting). The tailor took my measurements and proclaimed I had lost an inch on my arms and 2" across the chest, since like - November/December?

I don't really know why I'm losing so much weight all of the sudden but it's pretty much the topic of conversation wherever I go. I am considering telling people I am on weight loss medication and then sell them something...

The fact is, I eat whatever I want, but I think I was just too busy to eat while the guys were gone.

*This is even funnier when you know what Wilbur Buds are.

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the mccollums... said...

Thats great, Reb...stay healthy, don't go disappearing on us! what are wilbur buds...a northern thing? never heard of 'em.