Friday, March 27, 2009

2009 Bible College Graduation

Tomorrow is our Bible College's 2nd graduation. I've been trying to get a post up about it but I wanted to add pictures and that just wasn't happening and then it held everything up. What was I thinking?

So, it's busy around here, real busy. We've had guests coming in since 2 AM last night and they're still coming. Whew. From tonight or tomorrow morning everyone will be at the conference center, so the home hospitality aspect will slow down, but that doesn't take away from the fact that lots of people are coming in from all over India.

We're excited about the fact that the General Secretary of the Evangelical Fellowship of India* is our main speaker tomorrow night at the conference and he'll be with us til Sunday afternoon. The entire conference runs until Monday evening, so three full days.

I'm mostly excited for our Bible Students who worked hard and persevered for the past two years to reach this point. Please pray for them as they move on to follow God's call on their lives. Please keep the whole graduation/conference in prayer, there is a lot to coordinate.


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