Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Actual Ministry Related Stuff

It's June and here in India (at least where we are) that means everything is starting up again. School. Bible College.

Our new batch of Bible students are arriving day by day and actual classes start next week. I'll be teaching Old Testament again. I'm not sure what's going to happen since we're leaving for the US in a month. I'll start the course and then have to have someone cover for me for two months. Hummm.

We are getting students from all over India which was one of our prayers for this year. So far, from Manipur, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. More on the way.

We also have someone coming to spend three days teaching our Bible College teachers how to best teach our courses. That starts on Saturday, so I'm excited for that.

Then we are having our village pastors coming in next week for some time together with us and some training. O. and I wanted to spend some time with them before heading to the states. Busy busy.

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AnshuRam said...

where is bible college??