Monday, June 08, 2009

Our Semi-Vacation

Since P.'s Passport appointment was scheduled for June 3rd in Bombay we decided to take the whole family there for four days as a little vacation since we didn't go anywhere this summer. It was a hassle and our hotel room was Way Too Small and everything was really expensive. But, we went to Essel World ("Asia's Largest Water Park") and the girls had a great time swimming and playing in the pools. I mostly tried to keep my pasty white skin out of the sun and the skeevy water off my head.*

P's American citizenship interview went very smoothly with the only glitch being that O.'s name was different on all three of the main documents. We ended up writing an affidavit stating that O. is known by ALL these names but prefers to go by ... and everyone was happy. I got notified by the consulate today that P.'s passport has already arrived there and they will be sending it to me by courier very soon.

The whole names thing in India is kind of funny. A man in front of us was trying to fill up the form for his son's passport renewal and was talking with the American woman behind the booth.

Consulate Lady: You need to write your wife's maiden name here.

Man: Ah yes, but you see in Indian culture the woman uses her father's or husband's name as her middle or maiden name.

Consulate Lady: But it says "Maiden Name."

Man: O-kay.

Those silly Americans. Such sticklers for the rules.

We also got to go to a small aquarium one day. Did I mention small? The names of the fish and descriptions were hand written. That was amusing. But not as amusing as the description of a weird fish from the Amazon who feeds on "live fish and raw shrimp."

So, all in all, it wasn't, say, Hawaii, but the girls enjoyed themselves and I got to eat lots of chocolate croissants from the bakery near our hotel. Definitely worth the trip.

*I did end up with a nasty infection that sent me to the doctor on Saturday. I'm convinced it was from the water park water...

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