Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun With Mom And Dad

The computer we use while in the US is not working properly so I've had to do all Internet-type things from my parent's office since I've been in this past week.

Mom & Dad's Conversation about caring for their tenant's fish while he's away for a few days.

Mom: Tomorrow's Saturday and someone needs to come and feed Bob's fish.
Dad: I'm coming up tomorrow, I'll do it.
Mom: But are you coming in the morning?
Dad: Does it have to be in the morning?
Mom: Well, Bob says they eat in the morning and evening.
silence from Dad
Mom: Well, he did say we could just feed them once a day if necessary.

Later, Dad sends Mom (secretary) to find a file on Dan's (son's) desk.

Mom: (after looking) It's not there.
Dad: He had it there this morning.
Mom checks other areas of the office.
Mom: (resignedly) I'll check the filing cabinets. Dan doesn't file.
meanwhile Dad goes out and checks Dan's desk himself, walks back in with file in hand..
Mom: How'd I miss that?

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