Friday, July 10, 2009

Next Week At This Time

You know, a week is not a very long period of time. Last week at this time I was dropping O. off at the train station of another city so he could go to Jaipur for teaching on leadership and unity. I saw Terminator Salvation while O. and the guys went to some Hindi comedy, which they ultimately didn't like. Should have come to Terminator with me, P. and I had a great time.

So, that feels like yesterday to me.

Then, I guess next Friday should just seem a day away. We're into the "lasts" right now.

The Last Friday.
The Last Ladies Weekly Prayer Meeting.

C. was very into asking me "How many Sundays til we go to America?"
Few hours later, same question.
Still two.
And so on...
Well,in two days it will be none.

I know people must be praying because I'm feeling utterly calm and I'm getting loads of work done in incredibly short periods of time. I'm not even reduced to blogging in my head!

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