Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Healing Of My Back

The day after we went for P.'s US citizenship interview my lower back started to hurt. That was June 4th. By June 6th my back hurt so badly I could not even walk on my own and I went right to the doctor.

I suspected I might have some internal problems of a gynec nature and was right and my doctor put me on antibiotics and sent me home. I started to feel better. Then after three days I started to feel worse and on the 5th day I went back. Eventually, the doctor put me on 5 more days of antibiotics assuring me my back pain would stop and I'd be good as new.

I wasn't.

By day 10 I was back in the doctors office where I was told to get an ultrasound and X-ray. I bailed on the X-ray but did get the ultrasound done which came up normal. I didn't even go back to the doctor after that. I decided I was going to pray and let the Lord heal me. I'd had enough of doctor's offices.

So, I prayed and asked others to pray for me (putting up with a lot of: "You started working too hard too soon after giving birth.") Finally, at our pastors conference on June 24th one of our pastors, Madhu, came in from South India and he often calls me with prayer requests and I know him to b e a person of great faith. I had previously told him about my lower back and asked for prayer. When he came for the conference I asked him to pray then and there and he said, I'm always praying for it, but let's both fast and pray on Sunday.

To tell you the truth, Sunday couldn't get here fast enough. I was tired of being in severe pain every minute of every day. I was moving around only by the help of painkillers. Sunday we both fasted and I later heard from a man who lives with us, that Madhu prayed* long into the night only for me and the healing of my back. Three-four hours continuously, as well as fasting 24 hours.

Seeing Madhu's faith, my faith in God increased.

Monday morning, my back still hurt.

Yet, instead of my usual 2 painkillers, I only needed one. By afternoon my back was feeling better. By Monday evening it barely hurt at all.

In the end, I had a stiff (but not very painful back) for a few days after the fasting and prayer, but now, a week later, I'm fine and pain free. Praise the Lord.

* Indians often pray out loud, even when praying alone.

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Dawn Hoke(Mailahn) said...

Wow - praise God! That is an awesome story of answered prayer!