Thursday, November 12, 2009

Last Week

O. arrived home in the early hours of Tuesday morning (last week) with his sister and another guest.

O. was home and rest time is over! The woman my sister-in-law brought was an old grandmotherly widow who was so sweet and loving she about wore me out.

She was widowed young and left with four small children. Her children are grown now and have their own children and Mummy (as we called her) had a great testimony to tell. Twelve years ago she came to know the Lord. Her three daughters also accepted the Lord. However, her son, whom she lives with, remains Hindu and doesn't allow his mother to read the Bible, go to church or pray openly.

While she was at my house she delighted in being able to pray and read her Bible and speak the Word of God whenever she wanted. My sister-in-law said she kept her up at night with praying. :)

She wept when she left here and wouldn't let us go. She's just starved for the things of the Lord. And we take these same things for granted.

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