Saturday, May 15, 2010

E. Who Loves The Water

I was looking over my Goa post and saw that E. was under represented. How could this be since she loves the water more than anyone else? (she gets it from her mother.) I needed to rectify it. (Plus, I like to have a picture on the top of my blog, esp. since I'll be away for a few days...)
Three of our four children LOVE the water and O. and I both do, but then there was G. who would get whiny and weepy just waking up to the beach - not even near the water. What is this? O. had serious doubts about G. being part of our family. What could this mean? OK, honestly, O. was totally disturbed by this.

While I went on a boat trip with everyone else, O. stayed back with G. on the beach and by the time we got back an hour later, he had her playing in the water! He took (read: forced) her down there to wash her feet or to wash her hands and after a few trips back and forth she was an old pro and all doubts about her being a member of our family or not, vanished. Whew!
(In the ocean)
(In the swimming pool)

To keep it real - this is what she looks like most of the time...

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