Monday, May 24, 2010

No More Funky Water

It's been hovering around 115 degrees here in Northern India lately. I cannot even begin to describe the heat of the last week, esp. during our 2nd tour.

I appear to be melting in this photo, it's about 11PM and we're eating dinner in the village church.
Our youth team didn't come with us to the youth meeting at the 2nd tour, but we called them at the last minute to come. They sat up all night on the roof of a bus just to get to us. Needless to say - very very tired kids.
At the location of the second tour we were houses in an old British era mission compound. Huge rooms with high ceilings but ancient fans. Ours never did get to work.
WATER! The hot wind blowing just dried us out. We couldn't drink enough and the water would turn hot almost immediately - hence, funky. The stone floors were so hot from heat that even inside the building our feet would burn when standing without shoes.
Feel the heat.

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