Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sum It Up

Group photo from the youth camp.
Members of our wonderful team...
Everybody did their part. Sing, dance, teach, lead, lead games, whatever...

It has taken me two days to download the pictures and get them uploaded here and there but I'm almost finished, which is a good thing since we leave tomorrow morning at 6AM for 3 days in Bombay. The traveling just never never ends.
The following posts are just a little picture of our summer "gospel tour" (more pix on my facebook page). We did end up cutting the tour short due to the intense heat as well as some other local issues, but it's all ok since we're leaving again - tomorrow.
The first set of meetings were in more of a village setting, with larger meetings in the evening and women's meetings in the morning. We enjoyed worshipping God together and learning new songs and worship styles.
The second set of meetings were a three day youth camp. We were in charge of just about everything but the food - which was delicious by the way. There was a beautiful garden and sweet kids, lot's of dancing - my legs still hurt. And most of all it was a great time worshipping and glorifying the Lord.
At both locations O. and I were speakers and even though speaking isn't really my thing, there were definitely some things on my heart to share. I did struggle at the first set of meetings because my translator had never done it before. She was struggling so much I just wrapped up my message and sat down. The second day she was much better!
My favorite part of the gospel tours is the fellowship and time together with God's people. Just like anything of this sort, there is always a little let down when it is over, but it has been nice to just stay home and veg out (read: wash clothes).
Thanks to all who prayed!

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