Friday, April 14, 2006

Living Without Light

Not The Light, but just regular old light.

Since moving into our new house we've had problems on a daily basis with electricity, water and drinking water. Sometimes all together, sometimes just one or the other, but it's becoming a real headache.

We didn't get electricity today til after 9:00PM and even now we're attached into another person's house. The builder told us we'd have out own electrical connection within 2-3 days after moving it. That was over 2 weeks ago.

Now he assured us we'll have it by 11:00 AM tomorrow. We'll see.

It's hard enough to live without fans etc. during the day but you just cannot survive without electricity at night. The mosquitoes alone would eat you alive, that is if you didn't sweat to death first.

On a side note, I've become so proficient at swatting mosquitoes that I can be in some kind of meeting, singing a song and clapping, see a mosquito, smush it between my hands and not even miss a beat in the song.

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