Sunday, April 02, 2006

Work Among The Women

Both Vinita and Christy (who work together with me in our ladies ministry) suffer from Chronic Chest Pains that come suddenly and for which that there is no medical explanation. Thursday morning and afternoon Christy had a terrible episode. She was at the Doctor’s all day. Last night (Friday) Vinita had a bad episode with her chest pain. I was praying for them today and wondering why this same problem afflicts them both. It seemed spiritual to me.

Then I remembered that on Thursday while we were getting phone calls from Praveen about his wife Christy in the hospital I also had a bad afternoon where I was given some very painful information about what some people were saying about me. I cried continuously from Thursday afternoon til I slept that night (I’m a bit better now but I still get teary when I think about it.)

Satan does not want our work among the women to go forward. That seems clear. We decided today that we need to spend more time together praying for ourselves. That’s for sure.

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