Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Looking Around Me

I feel like I am in this state of WAITING. I don't really know what for but I guess it's that I see everyone around us going through trials but we're in a pretty peaceful (for us anyway) place right now. Ummm, maybe I'm waiting for the "shoe to drop" as they say.

Something that is painful for us right now is being helpless in many areas to do anything. After our (very expensive) move we're not in any position to assist any of those in financial difficulty and the situation in Rajasthan with the persecuted church is a battle we are waging in the heavenlies and other than that there is not much else we can do.

Currently, I am full of compassion for our pastor whose entire family works under the organization who is being persecuted. They've been without money for 3 months, they've got lots of children in their children homes. His cousin's wife (cousins in N. India are considered as brothers and sisters) is in the hospital for the 2nd time because of some kind of fluid build up in her body. The doctors informed her family today that she's probably going to die.

His other cousin (sister) is getting married in May to one of our co-workers, Limba, and all the money they saved for the wedding has now been used in the last 3 months when they didn't get any salary or support. So, now there is a wedding sceduled for the end of May and not a cent to put it on.

This is just the beginning of the things he is dealing with.

I could go on and on with stories of others around us in some kind of problem. Praveen was telling us today that his wife, Christy, was up again last night at 1AM with terrible chest pain and she couldn't breath. They've done every test they can do on her 5 TIMES and have never found anything wrong with her.

We give it all to God. I think He's doing something in all of us. Bind us together Lord, bind us together...

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