Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Camera

Before leaving India I gave my old digital camera away (to our mission office) because I knew I'd be buying a new one when I got here. My old one had been broken for almost 3 years but it cost more to fix it than a new camera would cost, so we survived for 3 years with no automatic lenscover. The lens was always open.

Now the camera always took good pictures but the lens was getting kind of foggy and with a new baby on the way - it was time. It Was A Time.

The chance of this 3rd kid even getting his/her (we go on Friday) own album of baby photos is slim but I figured he deserves a non-foggy camera- at the very least.

So, I bought another Sony. I was happy with my first one so I got another - Sony DSC-W30. It is teeny tiny and oh so cute and uncomplicated. I love it already.

I wished that the new battery had been charged by this morning because there was this really pretty snow outside and I wished I had a camera yesterday when the girls were in the very bubbly bathtub and being very cute. But I'm back in business now.

This means an occasional picture post - whohoo - after a long while.

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