Monday, February 05, 2007

Lack Of Material

The thing about living in India is that I never lack for material for the blog, plus- the internet is my connection to the outside world and the US and family so I spend a lot more time on it than I do here IN the USA.

So, you know, that's the disclaimer for any BORING posts from now to the future.

I did go to the midwife today for my 1st appointment since being in the USA. Everything seems fine.

I'm at 35 weeks, I've put on 24lbs since being pregnant, my BP is 118/72, I'm not dilated at all yet but my due date isn't until March 8th so there's plenty o' time and Diane (my midwife) thinks I'm gonna go right on time. (Both E. & C. were born on their due dates - ok, C. was 3 hours late).

March 8th is O.'s birthday, so that would be fun.

Dianne asked me if I wanted to go for an ultrasound and I said yes since we do want to know if we're having a girl or a boy (it's illegal to do sex determination in India). I have an appointment on Friday. At least if we're having a girl we can let everyone in India down early, get that tension out of the way. They're BOY fanatics over there - hence why sex determination is illegal. There already aren't enough wives to go around for the boys coming to marriageable age.


bardgold said...
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Matt Mikalatos said...

Aha! I see you've been deleting comments if they aren't from me. Excellent, excellent. Keep up the good work.

I think you should still give us your thoughts about American culture while you're here. All the stuff that drives you crazy. All the things you love to have again.

Anyway, it can't be worse than my blog. I feel like I am veering into complete surreality lately. Oh well. It started to entertain myself, and it can end that way, too!