Sunday, February 25, 2007

Latest India News

I just talked to "India" in order to get the scoop on our big Marriage Seminar that was today.

A husband and wife team do the teaching and we invited them from a city about 3 hours from us. It turned out that only the husband could come since they had both become 1st time grandparents last week. Congratulations to them!

Our pastor told me that he had ordered refreshments for 60 people and as he watched the people come to the program tonight he had to send someone out to get more.

150 people came! Thankfully, most of them with their spouses.

We've been seeing that godly marriage and family counselling and teaching is so necessary in the Christian church in India today. We just praise God for this program and for His presence there. I'm still a little shocked at the turnout. I think people are just hungering for something more in their marriage and they realize that it's not just going to happen on it's own.

On another subject I did get some pictures of the Slum school in action but they were sent to me in a Word document and I couldn't get them into any format that would load on here. So, they'll resend the pictures as just pictures, probably on Monday.

O. and I have a big day of speaking engagements tomorrow and then we're taking it easy for a few weeks. We're on "Baby Watch" just 12 days left til the due date.

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