Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Life International

Having a third child has been much easier for me than say - having my first or second child.

It would be nice to have a third child First but that wouldn't make any sense.

Why things are nicer the third time around:

Instead of worrying and checking if she's breathing all the time, I just enjoy her. And look at her. A Lot.

Then there is also the benefit of 2 older siblings who actually do help and entertain (read: wear out) the new baby so that when you rescue her from their clutches the baby slumps down on your shoulder in relief and immediately falls asleep for 4-6 hours.

But I think the thing I like the most about being on my third is that the way has already been paved (by me) for all the stuff we have to do to live internationally.

For example, I know I have to get the birth certificate asap so that I can apply for the passport- asap - and then pay extra to put a rush on the passport so that we get it- asap- so that in the end we can turn around and rush the passport with the visa application to the Indian consulate and get that all important visa.

Yes, newborn babies need Passports AND Visas.

So, we have a little less than 2 months to get all this done. I'm not sweating it. I've done it all before.

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